Collection: Pukka Bar

Pukka Juice have been creating world-leading e-liquids since 2017. With a focus on selecting the freshest, most unique flavours for vapers to enjoy, Pukka Juice have already established themselves among other e-liquid suppliers as a brand leader. Pukka Juice have become a multi award winning supplier of top quality e-liquids in a relatively short period of time; their increasing collection of awards includes winning 'Worlds Best Fruit Flavour 2021' from Vapouround Magazine. Their focus is on building a community of enthusiastic vapers from across the globe, and their range of products caters for everyone, from those interested in long-term solutions to those who might prefer a disposable vape. Of course, it's all about the e-liquid, and Pukka Juice pride themselves on being one of the very best!!